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The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

After speaking at a student seminar, Sheldon quickly finds himself in an unusual situation; a girl approaches him interested in helping him with his research. Not needing the help, Sheldon instead gets her to take care of all his daily work for him so he can focus entirely on his work. However, when she gets too pushy, going as far as washing his feet while he works, Sheldon seeks advice from Penny in order to get her off his back, but it’s harder than they thought. Meanwhile, the guys are baffled that someone can survive a full day with Sheldon as she does, and they begin to miss Sheldon during Halo, paintball and other such activities.

Title : The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem

IMDB: 8.3/10 553662 Votes

Runtime :  22min

Views :  81