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  • grayfur

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    I’m a new member, and have a few other movie sites, and am always in the market for a good one. After going through the site rather carefully, I found 2 things that I can’t seem to suss out. First, is the profanity tolerance thing. Can’t seem to find where I adjust it, did look under my avatar in my settings,but could find nothing there marked as such? I have a pretty think skin, and I don’t mind a bit of well deserved cussing, and can be pron to such myself, truth be told, given the right reason.
    The other thing is I cant seem to be able to add a movie to my ‘to watch’ list? Have not tried favorites, or to create a playlist, but figure I will probably get nowhere.
    Was wondering if someone could explain to a newbie WTF am I doing wrong? 🙂