Every Christmas Has a Story

Kate Harper, a popular news journalist and reporter, loves her job but dislikes Christmas. And now all of her viewers know it since Kate accidentally spewed off her anti-Christmas sentiments while still live on the air.In shock, her bosses scurry to smooth over the flub by sending Kate on a Christmas-like retreat that is sure to help her appreciate Christmastime again. Of course, Kate is uncomfortable with the idea, and her anxiety increases after she is commissioned to take the trip with Jack, one of the behind-the-scenes producers at News Today Network’s Morning Show.Jack is not only Kate’s handsome co-worker, he is an old college flame. What is more, Jack still has great memories of their love affair back in college. To Kate, their past relationship is old news and insists that they must remain professional while on this work-related trip.The plan is to appeal to Kate’s furious viewers by covering the annual Christmas event in town. While working on the project with Jack, something amazing happens, Kate begins to fall in love with Christmas and her right hand man, Jack.Read more at http//www.inquisitr.com/3697949/every-christmas-has-a-story-hallmarks-world-premiere-movie-lights-up-screen-with-lori-loughlin-colin-ferguson/#2BFqvjXpsr8vRWP6.99

Title : Every Christmas Has a Story

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